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Motherland Chronicles #42 - Gold by Tobias Kwan



sweetly incompetent demon!dean uwu

pretty much only interested in living a normal life except he’s also a demon (which sucks 0/10 would not recommend he did not sign up for this)

can’t get the hang of controlling when his eyes go black so they tend to do it when he gets an eyelash stuck in them or a bit of dirt

thinks the whole possession thing is super gross, sticks to his own meat-suit

having to leave the room when sam exorcises people because getting accidentally exorcised is Really Not Fun

dear lord

dean accidentally leaving traces of sulfur around the bunker and being super self-conscious about them when he doesnt notice them in time to clean them up

taking a sip from one of the flasks expecting them to contain liquor and having sam rub his back while he goes through a holy water induced coughing fit

that one time he tried to leave his vessel to pull a prank on sam without noticing his tattoo restraining him from doing so





An Alternate Ending, if Season 9 was to be the last:

"What about you?" She asks, "Without your own grace, you’re going to die."

Cas blinks emptily, nodding once. Just once. “So I’ve heard.”

"What are you going to do, brother?"

Castiel brings himself to his feet, one corner of his lip quirking upwards—weak, forced, but well meant. “Pursue my last pieces of happiness.”

- - -

Castiel finds himself in the bunker, in a familiar room.

He lays himself down on the other side of the bed, tucks himself beneath still but familiar arms, splays his fingers against the slight dip of a familiar chest. Holds him close.

"I’ll watch over you."

He closes his eyes.

(They will not open again.)


why is no one talking about the fact that cas was literally crying when he found out dean was dead